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QWJ-D Type Single-Platform Aerosol Filling Machine

Product description
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Product Description:
This line install liquid filling, valve inserting, crimping, propellant filling on the same worktable,one-time finish, reduce the labor cost. The line can be equipped with Automatic Valve Placer, Automatic Weight Checker, Automatic Actuator Placer, automatic cap presser etc, combined line will occupy smaller area, it is more economical and practical.
Technical Parameters:
Liquid filling capacity:20—500 ml
Liquid filling accuracy:≤±1%  
Propellant filling capacity:20—500 ml
Propellant filling accuracy:≤±1%   
Capping accuracy:≤1%
Applicable can diameter: 35—65mm
Applicable can height: 90—315 mm
Working pressure: 0.65-1  Mpa
Max air consumption: 3 M3/min
production capacity: 30-50can∕min
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