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Filling machinery market in China in the future more competitive

Filling machinery market in China in the future more competitive

Industry news
Release time:
2018/07/03 14:35
Filling machine is the object filling machinery, is a packaging machine for a small category of products, from the automation of production into semi-automatic filling machines and automatic filling production line;From the angle of packaging materials can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine.Filling machine is one of the essential for automated production of machinery and equipment.Filling production lines used to be there huge and heavy, high purchase cost, and now with the development of our technology, filling and perfect, while more and more companies began to pay attention and use filling production lines.
Domestic line all-round development of our filling equipment in imported equipment and technology developed on the basis of.This makes packaging machinery manufacturers in the production of packaging machines as much as possible to reduce product costs, low prices of parts, to enhance the price competitiveness of their products.With the opening of the market and China's machinery industry with the world is speeding up market for high-end products will be internationally competitive heights, set security and technology of machinery products will be the mainstream in the future.Future development will enter the fast track for the development of high-end machinery.Brand construction of domestic enterprises will drive positive energy play to independent innovation as the driving force of quality improvement and advanced product development, will win more consumer acceptance in the market, share the cake of markets with high added value.Future competition will still be branded, quality and channels.Especially in the coming competition in the market will no longer be competition in the domestic and foreign machinery Giants have poured into the Chinese market, foreign takeovers of Chinese companies are accelerating.
Objectively speaking, now filling machine industry in China has made a lot of progress, but compared with foreign products still exists a certain gap.Lack of advanced equipment and technology in content is not too high, lack of innovation is currently filling machine industry development in the butt.
1, high accuracy: when calibrated capacity of up to 500 mm, with an average error of ± 1.5 ml.2, high speed: 250-300 bottles/hour per valve, stepless speed change.3, large-capacity: filling amount can be arbitrary stepless adjustment between 150-800 ml.4, wide: it can apply a variety of special-shaped bottle and replace the bottle easy to adjust, quick.5, no fluid loss: closed bottle filling, liquid paste spray bottle wall, not hop, no spills.6, no broken bottles: has elastic bottle device without bottles of high and low limits, the bottle is not in place, broken bottles, without damage to the machine.7, automatic protection: access bottle wheel protection device with overload clutch, an exception stop alarm.8, automatic liquid: liquid level control with float liquid level control devices, control level stable.9, electric adjustment: electric synchronizing continuous quantitative stepless adjustment, LCD digital display display.10, soft start: when on, speed set by the speed gradually to the machine, without rigid impulses, so they are not broken bottles break.